Mobile Photography 101

Photography initially meant fancy cameras, expensive editing software and hours of effort to learn the technique.

With the advent of mobile phones, better processors and amazing lenses for phone cameras. Mobile photography is turning out to be the preferred way to go.

Travel means you will encounter beautiful landscapes, perfect portraits and more which definitely need to be captured.

So today, I bring you a few tips & tricks which will help you click drool-worthy pictures on your phone.

1. Use Gridlines to Improve Your Shot

One of the best ways to improve your pictures immediately is to begin using the gridlines. Go to your settings and choose the 3 X 3 grid option. Now once you return to the camera you will see grid lines on your screen.

Now try to click your pictures with your subject placed along these lines or in the points of intersections of the grids. This is known as the rule of thirds and leads to better-composed photos.

2. Lock Your Focus and Exposure

The phone camera has features set in such a way that the phone adjusts the focus and exposure automatically as we point the camera towards the subject. Though the automatic feature does not read what you plan to click. So you can take this into your control.

Click on the screen and a focus tracker appears, move it along the screen to decide which part of the image you want to focus on and set the exposure always a little lower. Remember to prioritize a sharper image over a brighter image. The rest can be taken care of in editing.

Now that you have decided your focus and exposure, the issue of if you move the phone again focus and exposure settings set by you ends up changing automatically again.

So once you make your settings, long press on the focus tracker and your settings will be locked. This is very useful.

3) Use Leading Lines

It is a technique of photography in which the user is drawn towards the main subject via lines in the images. The progress usually starts from the bottom of the image to upwards and then inwards towards the main subject.

This style of photography gives a sense of depth. These kinds of pictures are generally of roads, bridges, stairs, and pillars of temples. Hampi is quite a famous spot to click such pictures.

4) Use External Flash

Never use the inbuilt flash to capture an image. They make the photos appear washed out, alter colors negatively and make a photo look overexposed. Instead, ask a friend to shine a flashlight on the subject externally to make it appear like natural light in your pictures. It is a better alternative to the flashlight.

5) Shoot During The Magic Hour

Magic hour pertains an hour after sunrises and an hour before the sunsets. The light is simply magical and produces stunning results. The natural light is soft yet pretty to create great portraits.

These are a few tips to help you improve your photography skills. Start trying them out and tag us in your pictures if you upload them on Instagram or Facebook.

Comment below if you have any more tips to add to the list


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