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It was high time, my life was receiving lots of uninvited hiccups and it demanded an urgent change. This urge wheeled me to trying out a new adventure.

Trekking was a spontaneous decision, and I decided to join a friend to a place called “Sandhan Valley”. It was going to be my first crazy excursion and I was pretty pumped up thinking, this will probably be my turning point. It surely was an experience that changed my life and I would love to take you through my journey to “SANDHAN”.

16th Dec 2017, the pickup was scheduled on Saturday at about 9.00pm and the estimated travel time was to be 6.00 Hrs (197.8 km) by Bus via NH60. It was a group of about 25 people that came together from different backgrounds and cultures bringing different stories to tell. Bus journey was an introductory session, with fun games and music throughout. Going through a trek group with 25 unknown people, putting myself in front and getting out of my comfort zone proved to be a stimulating and inspiring experience I could carry for life.  

Reaching the base village at about 3.00am, we were brought to a beautiful village “Samrad” which in itself is very unique, totally aloof from urban dictionary, shelled in pure air and situated between Huge Mountainous landscapes. As soon as I got down, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and stretched and yawned my stress out. Seeing myself standing in the middle of mountains like Alang-Malang-Kulang & Ratangad fully covered under the blanket of stars. I couldn’t resist myself gazing at them until my neck got stiff. I had never imagined such heavenly landscape in my entire life which just made me more eager and curious.

Breathing fresh air, having some light breakfast to start for the journey, we headed for a long 12Km. excursion. If we follow the time intensely and start the trail by 5.30 am, the initial flat trail gets covered in the dark, and suddenly day rises to show the perfect scene,

i.e. The Mouth of Sandhan Valley.

Walking through the entrance of the valley feels no less than a paradise. All you see is trail of giant stones in between two huge cliffs shadowing the trail narrowed to a sharp ray of light. This exactly feels like a horizon which feels like the end in fact is just a small piece we’ve conquered. Ironic, isn't it? Totally isolated, showing you only the exact amount of vision necessary and surprise you to every horizon you feel you have reached.

After descending for about Half an Hour, you come across a huge chilled water pond. Just an inch of a touch and it stopped my brain for a moment like a Reboot Button. We had to cross it with luggage on top shivering, yet sweating at the same time, it froze us from top to bottom.

Surviving this freezing pond, all you ask for is a ray of sunlight and all we get is cold breeze on top of the partially frozen body. Proceeding ahead, the trail becomes more interesting when the rocks become more gigantic and each rock feels like you are jumping of a floor. Best part is, your body still doesn't wear out due to the shadowed path. You actually are so isolated that there is no sign of time and distance.

Further the valley brings you to a cliff i.e. the rappelling spot which is 120Ft. downwards. The guides instruct you the basic and essential tactics like the body posture and hand movements.   

After that, starts the second rock patch which again has really exciting trail, small rappelled spots and some crawling and jumping like jungle monkeys.

After 3.00 hours of descend trail, you come across some plain grass land looking back the valley of shadows you start ascending back to the top which is 2.5 Hour jungle trail. Reaching to the end of the excursion I truly felt satisfied and at peace.

This was Dawn my Event- Full Life which proved to be one of the best decisions. There After I personally believe in "Living on the Edge".


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