Hiking - Trekking - Mountaineering - What's the difference?

Did you know this difference between hiking, trekking, and mountaineering?

Dropping Knowledge Bomb in 3, 2, 1!

1) Hiking: Hiking means walking on the trails for long hours. It is walking on some kind of terrains such as hills or deserts. People usually go hiking on a specified route for half a day or full.

Example: Sinhagad, Andharbhan, Devkund, Kudremukh, Visapur

2) Trekking: Trekking usually consists of many days and maybe physically more demanding as the terrains are usually tougher and you need more days. You even go higher in the high altitude regions and on the lap of mountains during the trek.

Example: Kedarkantha, Alang Madan Kulang, Deoriatal - Chandrashila, Brahmatal.

3) Mountaineering: As the name says, mountaineering means climbing a mountain to reach its summit. Mountaineering requires rope techniques, use of crampons and ice axes, pinpoint navigations and so on.

Example: Everest Expedition, Annapurna Expedition, Bandarpoonch Expedition, Kalanag Expedition.

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