Hidden Places in Goa

The idea of a trip to Goa generally conjures up the image of chilling on a beach shack sipping your favorite drink and enjoying the sound of waves or matching your steps to a fast beat song in a happening nightclub.

Though Goa is so much more than this and when you begin to strip apart the cliched Goa and go on an exploration trip you will land upon a treasure trove.

To help you to begin with, we have listed some of the best-hidden places in Goa.

1. Netravali - A Lake that bubbles as you clap

This lake in Goa situated in the serene village of Netravali goes by the name ‘Budbudyachi Tali’ which literally translates to bubble lake. It is an artificial lake that was constructed around 300 – 400 years ago. The style of construction is very reminiscent of a temple lake. It has granite steps leading up to it and a small pedestal at the center. The pedestal is dilapidated now but was believed to have had a Shiva Linga. ⠀

Coming to the bubbling phenomenon, it is a very engaging activity. The bubbles pop up and create concentric circles, you will spend long hours trying to spot the next bubble.⠀ You can also jump or clap to make the bubbles rise faster. There have been many theories ranging from methane gas to local deities being behind the bubbles.⠀

2. Savoi Spice Plantations: A 200-year-old spice farm

This spice plantation is located on the banks of the Mandovi river. It occupies close to a total area of 100 acres and is one of the best ways to explore an offbeat Goa. Spend some time here walking through pepper, cherry, clove and a few other trees. A guided tour is arranged which takes you through the plantations and ends with a traditional Goan home-cooked lunch.

3. Fort Tiracol - A hidden gem

This fort is one of the best-hidden gems in Goa, mainly owing due to its beautiful architecture. The fort is perched on top of a cliff and overlooks the Arabian sea. It has seven rooms and each named after each day of the week. It now stands a heritage hotel but is still a worthwhile visit. It can be accessed by a ferry from Keri beach.

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4. GalgiBaga beach - One of the last hidden treasures

Galgibaga beach is one of the last hidden treasures in Goa situated at a distance of 7 km from the famous Palolem beach. It is also known for having seasonal turtle hatchings of eggs laid by the female Olive Ridley turtles. It has crystal clear waters and shimmering silver sands.

These are some of the hidden gems of Goa, have you been to any of the places before?

Then leave a comment below describing your experience!

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