5 Packing Tips for Backpackers

When its time to pack for a trip, since childhood we are used to seeing our parents getting big suitcases, airbags, and trolley bags out of the attic. Then there would be the layered packing and finally, if the suitcase filled beyond capacity, one the kids would be made to sit on top of the suitcase to apply the pressure and then zip it or lock it!

The biggest challenge that comes with a suitcase is the difficulty in lugging it around everywhere, often becoming impractical in most of the scenarios. The suitcase is either in the trunk of the bus or check-in during air travels. This often cuts you off from most of your items.

That's why a rucksack is the new - age perfect choice to travel smoothly. It has a heck load of advantages and we will share some of the best ones with you :

1. Don't buy a rucksack that's too big

While it might seem tempting to buy a big bag and fill it with things you 'might' need, don't forget that you will be carrying the bag around for long periods of time. So pack light and that does the job.

Pro - Tip: Indian Decathlon stores have Quechua series of backpacks which cost around 3500/- and go for the 60 ltr variant which perfectly fits into the cabin baggage place in flights. This is pure gold because you get air tickets with two options where you can fly only with cabin baggage and others without, there is a large amount difference between these two tickets. You can go for the cheaper one because backpacks fit perfectly into cabins.

2. Ranger Roll Them

Bid - adieu to the age-old technique of folding your clothes to pack. Ranger rolling is the new and proven efficient cousin. It is the military way to roll your clothes, saves you a ton of space and make sure your clothes don't get wrinkled.

Watch how to do it here - https://youtu.be/2QyYgZ6Lrqg

3. Rainproof your Packing

Though the backpack you buy comes with rain cover. It sometimes might still give way for water into the bag. The effective thing to do is segregate the contents of your backpack into 3 parts and fill each one into 3 different plastic covers and then pack them. This ensures that even if your bag gets wet, the clothes are protected due to the plastic covers.

4. Let People Know It's Yours

If you are buying a popular backpack, chances are that wherever you are traveling to there are others who have the same and this might lead to a lot of confusion. So distinct your backpack by tying a scarf, balaclava or some bright colored cloth to your backpack.

5. Loosen them and Tighten them

Most of the travelers generally complain that the backpack causes a lot of shoulder pain due to which they don't prefer carrying it. That is true if you don't make correct usage of the shoulder and the hip straps provided. The backpack is meant to be carried by your hip bone, which is very strong and can take huge loads. Hence make sure to have your hip strap on all the time.

Pro - Tip: Tighten and loosen both the straps alternatively every 45 minutes when carrying it and this will distribute the load evenly.

These are some of the tips we have found very useful, what do you think about it?

Comment below if you have any more tips to add.

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