3 Travel Movies to Feed your Wanderlust at Home

The past few days have been panic, tension and a lot of shutdowns. With COVID-19 on the rise many offices, educational institutions and malls have been shut and people have been asked essentially to stay home and not to wander out.

The biggest bummer probably was all travel plans current and in the forthcoming months to be put on hold, postponed or canceled. In the peak season of travel, cancellations are on an all-time high. With WHO declaring it a pandemic, serious measures are being put into place.

Being at home doesn't mean you will be bored, watch some of these amazing travel movies to feed that wanderlust of yours!

1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This probably is one of the most underrated movies of all time. It begins by showing the protagonist Walter Mitty who is the negative assets manager at LIFE magazine handling the final negative print by the legendary photographer Sean O'Connell which will be the cover for the magazine's final physical print before it goes electronic. The problem comes knocking at Walter's door when he loses the negative and now sets out on an adventure to find Sean and get the original picture.

What makes the movie so relatable is Walter's tendency to slip off into a dream sequence where he is flying, jumping and doing impossible things while he sits at his desk. Something a lot of us can relate to and then adventure calls him.

There is jumping off from helicopters in the icy oceans, escaping a volcano, climbing the Himalayas and sighting a snow leopard. This movie has all the perfect ingredients to keep you hooked for its entire duration.

2. Seven Years in Tibet

This one is a personal favorite especially because it tells the story of a mountaineer. It shows us the power of hope, faith, and resilience. A lot of something we could use right now.

The movie begins with Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter setting off from Germany in 1938 with the dreams of summitting the Nanga Parbat in British India. The mountain still unconquered and the fabled Everest was accessible by only British. As they proceed with their expedition WWII breaks out and they are arrested and put in detention jails in Dehradun.

Heinrich manages to escape and reach the Tibetian plateau. The rest of the story is about how Heinrich ends up spending years living life in the Tibetian way and becoming a personal tutor and confidant to the 14th Dalai Lama.

We love this movie especially due to the long journey Heinrich faces and how the experience changes him as a person completely. That is the most important aspect of travel and the story of how it changes us.

3. Karwaan

Karwaan is my all-time personal favorite and probably the best movie I saw in 2018. The movie is about 3 people on a road trip but the twist is none of them are friends, best buddies or travel aficionados on a mission to travel and derive the ultimate meaning of life.

Instead, they are 3 misfits in a tempo traveler on a mission to exchange a wrong dead body with the correct one. Seems like the recipe for some dark thriller or horror movie right?

The movie sneaks up on you and before you know, its love. Irrfan Khan just kills it with his comedy, the background score and music is just the perfect fit for the storyline. It's unusual how 3 people so different from each other, manage to connect and form a long-lasting bond.

That's a few of the movies we definitely recommend and urge you to watch. All the movies are available on all major streaming platforms.

Time to ring up that Bhai and ask them for the password!


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