3 Roads and Highways That are Infamous for being Haunted

Traveling can be done in many ways but the best one has to be road trips. It can be with your friends, family, siblings or spouse.

Who doesn't love zooming over good roads, while some great music plays in the background and you munch endlessly on snacks.

Though it sometimes can turn into horror, if you end up taking the wrong route. Some routes and highways in India are infamous for being haunted and bothering people.

We list 3 such routes, have a look.

Gata Loops - Manali - Leh Highway

The Manali - Leh highway is every bikers dream and the road is a challenging drive due to its bad condition and the altitude. The most popular part of the highway is the Gata loops, 21 hairpin bends that lead to Nakeela pass is haunted.

It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a cleaner of a truck that had broken down there many years ago. The driver headed to a nearby village to seek help but a snowstorm hit and the cleaner stranded. He was begging for days for food and water before dying.

Riders have reported seeing his begging for food and water. Believers donate water bottles at a nearby temple to appease his ghost.

Sathyamangalam - Tamil Nadu

A forest that was once inhabited by the infamous dacoit, Veerappan. The road through the forest is a part of NH 209 and there have been numerous sightings of floating lanterns, ghosts and loud screams echoing all over.

Kashedi Ghat - Maharashtra

This ghat that connects Mumbai - Nashik is a very picturesque drive with lush green landscapes always in sight. Though the route has reported sightings of a headless woman sitting on the trees and laughing. The chances of spotting a ghost are said to be high during Amavasya.

Have you traveled on any one of these roads before, comment below your experience?

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