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Individuals from disadvantaged communities and homeless people are almost on the brink of starvation. Anganwadis have stopped daily food supplies in many areas; schools are closed and mid-day meals have also stopped. With the lack of daily-wage jobs, many migrant workers have been frantically trying to get on the fastest train to make their way home.. 

Help Dailywagers Hit by Corona Virus Lockdown

As the crisis grows, the people most affected by it will be those living in Slums & Streets of our city. 


Typically daily wagers, maids, house helps, construction site workers, plumbers, electricians, workers in small units, delivery boys, etc., and their financial wellbeing will be directly impacted by their inability to earn their daily wage.



A large amount of hourly/daily wage workers do not have the backing of any sort of insurance, and as we all know they are among the most vulnerable to the negative financial effects of the pandemic. With no way to cover expenses, workers like these will inevitably struggle to earn money for food and medicinal support.


These low-income households are already strained in good times to make ends meet,  but this new threat makes it even more important for us to be able to provide immediate medical assistance (to address the basic Covid19 Symptoms) to these targeted households. As educated Indians, we have a responsibility to take along the millions who are suffering.


We have followed a sensitive approach in providing families with a week’s worth of rations per package (Rs 600).

This food kit comprises of the following:

  • Rice - 3 Kilo

  • Wheat - 5 Kilo

  • Pulses - 2 Kilo

  • Oil - 250 Ml

  • Lifebuoy Soap - One

We are accepting support in cash and kind (foodgrains and non-perishable food only).


Together we can help them survive the pandemic.

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